Cavaillon la ville du Luberon

The city of the Luberon

Cavaillon is a town of many faces - full of nature, history and modernity - and a key focal point in the Luberon and Provence as a whole thanks to its geographic location. Discover St. Jacques hill with its heady scents, paths and outdoor pursuits!

Stroll through the streets of the historic centre to get a sense of the towns past: Classical times, the Middle Ages (the Diocese, the Pope's Jews') and the modern era. And amble along the long avenues that border the old town, with their occasional views of the hill towering above, their bourgeois houses and Belle Epoque buildings.

Synaogogue - Jewish Museum of the Comtat Area

An architecture found nowhere else in the world and characteristic of the synagogues of the Comtat. Rebuilt between 1772 and 1774 on foundations dating from the 15th century, it is composed of two superposed structures. The synogogue was a place of prayer and learning, and a gathering point for the community. It bears witness to the collective life of the "Pope's Jews".

Roman Arch

The Roman arch, with its rich decoration of laurel wreaths, flowers and birds, dates from the first century AD. This arch, which served as the monumental entrance to a building or a public forum, was moved in the Middle Ages and again in 1880 to the end of the place du Clos.

Notre Dame and St. Véran Cathedral

Built over an original 11th century building, it was extended in the 12th century to reach its present size. Its octogonal bell tower dates from the 13th century. Don't missthe small cloister.

The Agar Hotel

A mansion built on the ruins of the Roman city. The Hôtel d'Agar has a rich interior and exterior architecture. Beautiful garden. Temporary exhibitions in winter and summer


Did you know ?

The melon of Cavaillon and Alexandre Dumas In 1804, Alexandre Dumas presented the town with the totality of his works: “… on one condition if the authorities think highly of my books, I also love their melons and I would like, in exchange for my 300 or 400 volumes, to be awarded a life annuity of 12 melons a year.” This is the gift he received till his death in 1870.



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