Oppède le Vieux

A mineral Jewel

Situated on the north face of Luberon and built on top of a rocky steep, the old village is an exceptional site, settled in natural surroundings made of forests, “combes” and rocks. After a stroll in the old village lanes, you will discover a spectacular scenery: the collegiate church our lady of Dalidon and the ruins of the medieval castle. At the foot of the old village, from the main place, don’t hesitate to stroll towards the Sainte Cécile terraces and the old threshing floor. There is a beautiful view of the village. At last, come down to the square in the Poulivets to enjoy the shade of the planes trees and the services of the new village of Oppède.


Did you know ?

Of this 13th century stronghold, only a few ruins are left. The remaining walls, arches and vaulted rooms can fire up your imagination about how life was lived there. The castle is the Baron Meynier family’s seat who started the crusade against the Waldenses in 1545 in Cabrières d’Avignon and Mérindol.

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