The Via Ferrata of Cavaillon

Via Ferrata

The Via Ferrata of Cavaillon is accessible by foot from the city center. The route is composed of two complementary tours making available to a wide public the cliffs of Saint Jacques with all the diversities of its natural landscape. Participants will have a wonderful insight of the Luberon, the Mont Ventoux, the Monts de Vaucluse and the Durance Valley.

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15- 20 minutes' walk from the Tourist Office (César de Bus climb).

Open all year round (except special weather forecast). 0899710284.

The access is free (if you have your own equipement). Equipement rental 14€


The two discovery tours

  • « Via Natura »

A fist part called "Via Natura" enable participants to discover the cliffs from terraces on which they can observe and self-interpret. Besides the sportive approach, those platforms make the itinerary catchy and turn this touristic project into an innovative, attractive and unforgettable experience.

Features characteristics : 1.30 meter high size / Exposition South- east / Duration 2h. Diffuculty grading AD.

Apparatus: Rungs, monkey bridge, girders, footbridges, explanation panels.

  • « Via Souterrata »

A second more sportive part called "Via Souterrata" brings participants through the remarkable colombiers cave before going through Les Beaumes de Combarelles. It provides an innovative approach and a nice view upon the unique relief of the cliffs of Saint-Jacques Hill and this in order to get a better understanding of this instructive itinerary.

Features characteristics: 1.50 meter high minimum size. Exposition east/ Duration 2h. Difficulty grading  TD.

Apparatus: Nepalese bridge, beams, cave bridge, footbridge, cave ladder, monkey bridge. explanation panels.

French grading System

This is one of the most straight forward grading systems, but you must be aware of the range of difficulty that each level covers.

F – Facile

Easy, suitable for initiation into the sport

PD – Peu Difficile

Not very hard, suitable for beginners and possibly children

AD – Assez Difficile

Fairly hard, suitable for accompanied beginners

D – Difficile

Difficult, for those accustomed to the sport

TD – Tres Difficile

Very difficult, physically demanding, for regular participants

ED – Extremement Difficile

Extremely difficult, very physically demanding, and suitable for experienced practitioners with a high level of fitness.

These grades may be modified with a "+" or a "-",to indicate that they are at the top or bottom end of the grade respectively

The Via Ferrata graded Fand PD are reasonably difficult, being adapted for all public and even for children

The Via Ferrata graded AD and D are more technical

The Via Ferrata graded F and ED have "athletic" sections with physical difficulty asking for good body strength

Essential equipement

Body harness, helmet, y-sharped lanyard, with energy absorber, climbing boots. Make provisions for: water, food, cap, sun glasses. 

You practice this activity at your own risk. We recommend, especially for beginners, professional supervision.


Onglet global

A télécharger: 

Tourist Office

Place François Tourel

84300 Cavaillon

Tél.: 00 33 (0)4 90 71 32 01

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